Lynn Tiang


I am Lynn Tiang, an entrepreneur from Singapore currently building with Amazing Borneo, Borenos and running training company at LifeSkill. In the past, I’ve worked for clients such as Bayer and Pfizer.

What I can do to help you?

I am specialised in building new businesses, training new entrepreneurs and certified DISC trainer.

My Works

I have worked with business teams of all sizes, ranging from medical company like Pfizer to SME companies such as Amazing Borneo Travel to F&B Chain Borenos with the aim to contribute as agile entrepreneur and be a part of initiatives of Positive Entrepreneurship. With change, comes with discomfort and resistances to adapt into new mindsets and frameworks.

By sharing knowledge and practices related to DISC, I want to create unity between team members to be able to communicate with each other better, understand problems very well before diving into solutions and create a proactive learning cultures.

For any team I contribute to, I wish to align individual & team interests, while setting up learning processes & cultures to drive better, measurable product goals and business outcomes.

Brands that I built

Amazing Borneo
North Borneo Cruises
Sabah Travel


Lynn has always had an unquenchable thirst and curiosity for improvement. By putting in the effort day in and day out, the shift may seem small but they all add up to transformative changes in time to come.
Kenji Yeo
Kenji Yeo
Lynn's most enduring contribution to our company is the mindset change among founders. Lynn was competent, focused on aligning my team's interests and went the extra mile to deliver what the business needed despite the challenges.
Emily Lim
Emily Lim
Lynn is proactive in anticipating team needs during execution; She is a natural leader in mitigating issues and encouraging team members to strive for success with an open-minded culture.
Khay Inn
Poh Khay Inn